Bed and Breakfast Napoli | I Visconti | B&B Napoli centro

Bed and Breakfast Napoli | I Visconti | B&B Napoli centro

Centro Storico – Napoli

La Cappella Pappacoda Di Napoli

La Cappella Pappacoda Di Napoli

If you stay at our B&B you will have access to all the major monuments of the city.Artusio Pappacoda, Grand Seneschal of the Kingdom and Councilor of the royal family of Anjou, had the chapel built in 1415 dedicated to … Read More

Chiesa Dell'incoronata

Chiesa Dell’incoronata A Napoli

The church of the Incoronata is located in the area where some Angevin palaces once stood, in Largo delle Corregge where jousts and tournaments took place. The history of the foundation of the Incoronata is not clear, perhaps built on … Read More

Chiesa Di Santa Maria La Nova A Napoli

Chiesa Di Santa Maria La Nova A Napoli

The history of the Church of Santa Maria la Nova is linked to the first conventual movements. The first Franciscan community in Naples (1216) settled on the ruins of a Roman villa, going on to found Santa Maria ad Palatium … Read More

La Chiesa Di Monteoliveto

La Chiesa Di Monteoliveto A Napoli

The Church of Monteoliveto in Naples was built starting from 1411 with funding from Gurello Origlia of the court of Ladislao di Durazzo. Largely protected by the Aragonese kings and seat of the Olivetan order, it still retains its fifteenth-century … Read More

Piazza Dante

Piazza Dante – Napoli

Piazza Dante in Naples runs along the perimeter of the ancient city. Defined in the seventeenth century as “Largo del Mercatello”, just outside the viceregal walls that surrounded the city, foodstuffs were stored in the “Grain pits” building and in … Read More

Monte Di Pietà - Napoli i visconti bedn

Monte Di Pietà – Napoli

The Institution of the Monte di Pietà of Naples was founded in 1539 in order to lend money without interest to the needy, who in exchange offered a pledge. If the repayment of the money did not occur within two … Read More

Chiesa Di Sant'angelo A Nilo

Chiesa Di Sant’angelo A Nilo – Napoli

The church of Sant’Angelo a Nilo in Naples was built at the behest of Rinaldo Brancaccio, cardinal in Naples since 1385, next to the family palace. Around 1535 the church was enlarged to incorporate the Seggio di Nido, a place … Read More

Cappella San Severo

Cappella San Severo – Napoli

The San Severo Chapel in Naples was built in 1590 to contain the funerary monuments of the de’ Sangro family, princes of Sansevero. The most significant decorative phase was that desired by Raimondo de’ Sangro, a brilliant and bizarre character, … Read More

Complesso Di San Domenico Maggiore A Napoli

Complesso Di San Domenico Maggiore A Napoli

The complex of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples was built during the reign of Charles II of Anjou (1285-1309) to house the Dominican friars. The church, with its Gothic forms, preserves all the subsequent decorative phases: with three naves, transept … Read More

Piazza e Guglia Di San Domenico

Piazza e Guglia Di San Domenico – Napoli

The area of Piazza San Domenico in Naples, crossed by the walls of the Greek city of the 4th century BC, was radically transformed at the behest of Alfonso I of Aragon the Magnanimous (1442-1458): another entrance was added to … Read More

Entra o iscriviti

Entra o iscriviti