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Certosa e Museo di San Martino

The Certosa di San Martino was inaugurated during the reign of Queen Joanna I, in 1368.

It takes its name from the saint to whom the pre-existing chapel in the place was dedicated.

During the Counter-Reformation period, the Certosa underwent changes by Giovanni Antonio Dosio who enriched it with modern elements and meticulously cared for the Cloister, made up of fifteen bays and columns of the Doric-Tuscan order. He also took care of the Cloister of the Procurators at the center of which is the pluteal of Felice de Felice.

Subsequently Fanzago embellished the Cloister with Baroque elements, in particular the pilasters on the columns and the small cemetery decorated with skulls.

The statues on the balustrade and five of the six medallions on the corner doors of the portico, depicting scenes from the lives of as many saints, must also be attributed to the Bergamo architect; among these we must remember the San Gennaro by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro. In the second half of the 17th century, the decorations of the Quarto, the prior’s apartment, began, which Domenico Gargiulo adorned with landscape paintings.

About a century later Giuseppe Massa dedicated himself to the floor which he decorated with ribbon motifs, volutes and “lattice” decoration.

In 1806 the Carthusians left the monastery and the works were acquired by the State.

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